Fall league

Posted 8/10/16

Teams that played fall league last year were automatically registered for fall league, and coaches were notified. If there are any summer teams that did not play fall league last year and wish to participate this fall, please email me to register. Thanks!

Playoffs will not be completed/made up

Posted 7/27/16

Unfortunately, due to the number of teams that have either not responded, are unable to field a team for this weekend, or are able to field a team Saturday but not Sunday (or vice versa), the playoffs will not be able to be completed/made up this season. We would have had to bascially start over with new brackets in each division, and all of the divisions have only a few teams that have responded and are able to field a team on the same day. In order to provide teams with the oppotunity to still play in a tournament, the league is offering free entries to USSSA Church State on August 20th in Blaine. Hopefully teams take advantage of this opportunity! If your team would like to participate, please let me know ASAP so I can register your team for Church State.

2016 Playoff Brackets and Rules

Posted 7/22/16

Playoff brackets and rules are listed below. Coaches, please print a copy of the bracket and rules if possible. One will be posted at the field in the morning. Please update the bracket throughout the day as games are completed.

http://nscsl.org/files/2016 B Division Playoff Bracket.pdf

http://nscsl.org/files/2016 C Division Playoff Bracket.pdf

http://nscsl.org/files/2016 D Division Playoff Bracket.pdf

http://nscsl.org/files/2016 E Division Playoff Bracket.pdf

http://nscsl.org/files/2016 NSCSL Playoff Rules and Notes.docx

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