Rescheduled rainout games & playoff info

Posted 6/27/18

The games that were rained out on June 17th have been rescheduled for July 22nd and the website has been updated. The playoffs will again be single elimination and will be held on the Sunday evening after the regular season has been completed, which would currently be July 29th barring any additional rainout weeks. Playoff brackets will be posted to the website after the resuls from the final week of games have been entered and playoff seeds have been determined. Please keep your team's game results updated throughout the season. If you don't enter stats, no problem. But it is difficult to determine seeds for the playoffs if there are scores that are not entered. Thanks!

Reminder - No Sunday off for 4th of July

Posted 6/1/18

There will not be a Sunday off for Independence Day (as decided at the manager's meeting).

So there are games scheduled for both July 1st and July 8th.

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